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Periodontal Disease

  • Periodontal disease is an inflammatory condition that affects the hard and soft tissues that support your teeth, left untreated, it ultimately causes tooth mobility and tooth loss.  In addition, recent research has suggested that this oral inflammation is linked to a host of other systemic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.  The inflammation is caused by the presence of plaque bacteria and tartar in the pocket between your tooth and gum. 
    • Gingivitis – This is the earliest stage of gum disease where gums become red, swollen and bleed easily.  If identified and treated early, this is a reversible condition.
    • Periodontitis – This is the more advanced form of gum disease where the gums begin to pull away from the teeth and bone that supports the teeth is lost, periodontitis cannot be reversed but can be controlled by gum procedures and a maintenance program designed by our Overland Park dentist
  • Signs you may have gum disease include
    • Gums that are red, swollen, bleed easily, or are pulling away from your teeth
    • Persistent bad breath or foul taste 
    • Loose teeth or teeth that seem to be separating 
  • Factors Influencing Gum Disease
    • Inherited genetic susceptibility 
    • Lack of adequate home care and/or professional care
    • Poorly fitting crowns, bridges or fillings 
    • Crooked teeth that are difficult to clean in-between 
    • Health History (Diabetes, Autoimmune diseases)
    • Smoking 
  • Periodontal Treatments
    • Kansas Dental Center provides non-surgical periodontal treatment in the form of scaling and root planing
    • Scaling and Root Planing is a procedure that cleans the plaque/tartar from under the gum line using local anesthetic (the same anesthetic you would be given for a filling) 
    • More advanced cases of periodontal disease may require surgical procedures, in that case, you would be referred to a gum specialist (Periodontist).

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